9 + 9 = +5

Finally, the wind has died down a bit and I was able to play before work. I started off this morning with a bogie on hole 2 and a missed birdie putt on hole 3. I finished at +3 after 9 holes – unacceptable.

So I decided to play another 9 over lunch and try to get back to zero. My drives were much better this round and I got robbed on two really nice birdie putts… I ended at +2 the second round. 5 over on 18 holes at Rosland – are you kidding me? I honestly don’t think that I should ever be above zero at this course. I guess I just need more practice.


stalkers are a good thing.

After a quick trip to Gotta Go Gotta Throw over my lunch hour, I return victorious! Thanks to my sister’s friend Eric that works there, he was gracious enough to take a half-an-hour and discuss with me what disc would be best for me for what I need. This guy knows his stuff! He used to live in Moscow where they didn’t have courses so they had to be creative. I remember him telling me stories of winning tournaments in Europe and playing with Nate Doss! So, let’s get back to reality. I recently lost my extremely straight flying Leopard. I have my Roc and I have an Eagle fairway driver – so what I was looking for is a higher speed, almost mid-range-like driver. After looking at a couple of different discs and discussing my grip, we found it! A brand new disc for 2010, the Discraft Stalker. This disc is awesome! Exactly what I needed. It’s the feeling of a mid-range with the speed of a driver! My favorite part is that the rim has a bead on it, just like my Roc, which gives my fingers a little something extra to control the disc on release. I also discussed weights with Eric and he suggested using a heavier mid-range disc than your driver – because a driver has a larger radius, it can be a little lighter but feels the same in your hand because there is more to be balanced… it get’s a little confusing. My go-to driver is Wraith at 175 grams, so I got the heaviest Stalker at 176 grams.

I threw it the other day and it was great! Today there is a wind-advisory with gusts up to 29 mph, I’m not going to play today.

peace, kevin.

Rosland at 7:30am

I played Rosland (9 holes) this morning with a nice mug of french pressed, french roast. I love the french I guess. I ended up at -1, which I was happy with but I missed a 10′ birdie putt which turned into a bogie on hole #4 – definitely avoidable. I had the best looking birdie I’ve ever had on hole #5, it almost skipped in (see photo).

I went through my disc golf bag and did a little inventorying. I haven’t been throwing my Innova Shark mid-range very good lately, so I decided to swap it out and go back to my Innova Roc as my mid-range disc.

I lost my Innova Leopard over the weekend, so I now have room in my bag for another fast mid-range/fairway driver. In my stash of extra discs I have at home, I decided to give the sidewinder that I found a chance. I threw it this morning a couple of times and I remember why I don’t care for it – it is so warn that it is extremely flat, the lip has been smoothed out so it doesn’t have any stability – it just fades right. I will keep it in my bag for farther anhyzer shots where have an understable disc makes sense (like hole #2 at Acorn).

I still have room for one more disc in my bag to replace my leopard, so I will be doing some research and thinking about what type of disc I want and need. It’s annoying sometimes to have a smaller bag that only holds 9 discs, but it’s also good because I’m forced to really know those 9 discs.

peace, kevin.

Rosland 9 holes

I played today by myself over lunch and finished with +1. I had a couple of sweet birdies, specifically on hole 5 – but I also had a couple of unacceptable bogies, like on hole 1.

first league night

Ahhh… the first night of our unofficial disc golf league. It rained during the day so the Bethel course was a bit wet and muddy. Let’s just get this over with; first hole Jake had an ideal drive right down the middle between two large pine trees landing his disc within birdie range. From this point on it just goes downhill… Jake owned and got 1st place for the night with a score of -2 after playing not 18, but 20 holes! Zach and I competed with each other trading-off on who had more bogeys for the higher score – it was definitely clear that neither Zach nor myself were playing very well… Zach took 3rd with a +10 and I took 2nd with a +8. According to our new rules, even though Mark skipped, he still got 1 league point, so Jake got 4 pts, I got 3pts and Zach got 2pts. I’m sure we’ll explain it more on our league blog – which I might move to wordpress too! Mark, we missed you buddy. After league, us 3 went to the Corner bar in Mpls to grab some beers, food and to hear author Brian McLaren speak. It was really fun and I think Brian’s attitude and what he had to say was really inspiring, but also accurate. The night ended with the 3 of us giggling like a couple of school girls – it was perfect. Congrats on the win Jake and enjoy it, it’s going to be your only one.

peace, kevin.


• Jake had at least 3 beautiful birdie putts, each one being between 25′-40‘! Did I mention he finished at -2 (we played all holes as par 3’s).

• Zach just about had an ace on a skipper on hole 10 (technically #5 but from the other t-box) and walked away with a birdie.

• I had two birdies in a row thanks to my slowly-improving back-hand drives…

2010 season

So, I’ve officially moved my old disc golf blog (sidearmflicker.blogspot.com) to wordpress! I can’t believe how much I’ve played this year already and it’s only April 2 – great start to the season. I played 18 at Rosland today for the first time of the year, I shot even – I’m pretty content with that. Stay tuned for stories, pictures and more from my experience of playing disc golf this season!

October is here!

Well, after a confusing rally of figuring out if we can all gather at the same course to play before sun down, Mark and I ended up playing at Rosland. It was windy and cold, our first feeling of fall. After the warmest September in Minnesota history (I just made that up), we began on our journey. Smack! My first drive of the night, I hit a tree about 40′ out. I never throw that far to the left, what was I thinking? My disc ricocheted even farther to the left… Mark was up next. SMACK!!!! Mark hit the tree 10′ in front of the t-box. Wow, this was a good start. With a bogie/double bogie on the first hole, we headed on to hole 2. Mark ended up having the shot of the night with a fantastic 25′ putt to save par. Well done Mark. With sunflowers in hand (and in mouth), we continued playing our round as the night continued to get more brisk. It was a good time, but it was more of a realization that the season is quickly ending. We finished 9 holes and before Mark could get his whole sentence out that he didn’t really want to play another 9, I said oh yeah – it’s too cold to play 18 and it’s getting dark. I shot +1 and Mark shot +4. Hopefully we can all play Blue Ribbon Pines one more time this year, but as I look out our window as we speak, I see snow covered grass and cars. It’s October 10th. sick.